MySQL 8.0

I would like to use a MySQL feature, the rank() function, that became available in MySQL 8.0. Could I get updated to that MySQL version?

We plan to offer MySQL 8 later this year, but not yet.

Thank you.

+1, would love to have MySQL 8.0 :)


Ok. Noted

+1, would also like to have mySQL 8.0 so that I can use LAG function

Ok. Noted

Is MySQL 8 available yet? I'd love to be able to use percent_rank!

No, it's not available yet.

Hey glenn, I'm curious about when 8.0 would be available. Is there an updated timeline? Many thanks!

We do not have a timeline for when it will be available.

+1 for MySQL 8. I'd like to use window functions, which i can only do starting from this version.

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Hi PA,

Has there been any advancements towards MySQL 8.X? The reason I ask is because Django >3.2 offers conditions on Constraints and it appears that MySQL >8.0.16 supports CHECK constraints. If not, could you please give add an upvote from me!


No, there have not. I have upvoted the ticket for you.

I am pretty sure that your version of mysql 5.7 is incompatible with the latest mysql-connector-python (8.0.30) and the combination has broken my application. Specifically, the "utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci " charset collation (# 255) is supported in mysql 8.0 but not in your version 5.7. Just recently, I think since I updated mysql-connector-python, I get internal server error 500 when trying to authenticate (bearer tokens are stored in my database). Here is the code from my error log: .../lib/python3.8/site-packages/mysql/connector/", line 746, in get_default_collation raise ProgrammingError(f"Character set '{charset}' unsupported") sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError: (mysql.connector.errors.ProgrammingError) Character set '255' unsupported Please let me know how I can update to mysql==8.0. Downgrading mysql-connector would be a less satisfying workaround and not sure it would even work. Thanks.

Any news on MySql==8 ? Downgrading app to work with 5 is going to be a pain, id prefer to dodge if v8 is arriving soon... Any timeline would be great.


No, we do not have any news on that.

Regarding my post above, I fixed my problem by replacing mysql-connector-python with PyMySQL. Even SQLAlchemy's documentation notes problems with the former:

The MySQL Connector/Python DBAPI has had many issues since its release, some of which may remain unresolved, and the mysqlconnector dialect is not tested as part of SQLAlchemy’s continuous integration. The recommended MySQL dialects are mysqlclient and PyMySQL.

Thanks! That's useful to know. We tend to use mysqlclient for our own stuff, which I guess is why we've not been bitten by it.



+1 Has there been any news regarding this?

Not ready yet, unfortunately.