UPDATE MySQL version

Hi, could you please upgrade my mysql version to 5.7+. The MySQL version below 5.7 is not supporting the JSON fields as my project have few json fields in the db structure, Can you do it as soon as possible please. Thank you.

Sure, no problem -- that's done now.

Please upgrade my MySQL version I was unable to use JSON data type in my current MySQL version, please upgrade it to 5.7.8 +. Thank you.

We could move you to a new MySQL server (v5.7), but it would involve downtime. Email us to schedule a time that would work for us and you to do the move.

Hi, could i have my MySQL bumped to 5.7+? I need to use the JSON field. Thanks!

MINDFIT, Why don't you try importing JSON fields as TEXT datatype and use it in your python script with json.loads()

@deejaynof Do you care about downtime? (migration of the database from server to server takes a moment)

Not at all :)

it's done for you.


Hello, could I ask for an upgrade to v5.7+?

Sure! Just drop us a line at so that we can arrange timing -- or if the timing doesn't matter to you, let us know that and we'll do the upgrade as soon as we can.

It doesn't really matter, so please do it anytime you can. Thanks in advance.

OK, no problem -- that's done now.

cool, thanks!

Hi!, I need the same, could you upgrade my MySQL to 5.7+ please?

No problem. I have migrated your database.

Great, thanks!

Hi!, I need the same, could you upgrade my MySQL to 5.7+ please?

Ok. I have migrated your databases.

Could you please do the same for me please.

Sure! That's done now.

Hi, Can you please upgrade my MySQL database. It shows an error while i am trying to make a backup of my database. The error is : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use

I think we spoke about this over email too -- if you're trying to make a backup using mysqldump, you should run that command in a Bash console, not a MySQL one. Despite the name, mysqldump is a Bash command.

Hi Giles, Please upgrade my MySQL to the newest one too. I would like to have JSON field. Thanks!

Your MySQL server is already at the most recent that we offer.

Thank you! (and sorry for my not checking this)

Hi!, I need the same, could you upgrade my MySQL to 5.7+ please?

No problem. I have migrated your database to a server that runs MySQL 5.7.

Hi!, (I edited this post) could you upgrade my MySQL to 5.7+ please?

Hi, we can certainly do that for you. It will however take down your database for approximately 20 minutes plus some time on top of that depending how much data you store.

We can do that from Monday to Friday between 12 noon and 6 pm UTC, please let us know which time is most suitable for you. If you don't care for the timing, let us know likewise and we will do that ASAP.

Go ahead, no problem

OK, that's running now -- we'll post back here when it has completed.

...and that's done now.

Thanks Giles!