Can't use web2py debugger?

It shows me this when I try to start the debugger:

web2py online debugger Unsupported webserver working mode:

WARNING: This debugger may not work properly if you don't have a threaded webserver or you're using multiple daemon processes.
In development, use the default Rocket webserver that is currently supported by this debugger.
On production, you'll have to configure your webserver to use one process and multiple threads to use this debugger.

The site hangs and has to be restarted. Is there any way to make it work, perhaps a change to the file. Mine is currently:

This file contains the WSGI configuration required to serve up your

web application at http://<your-username>

It works by setting the variable 'application' to a WSGI handler of some


The below has been auto-generated for your Web2py project

import os import sys

add your project directory to the sys.path

project_home = u'/home/dgmanns/web2py/' if project_home not in sys.path: sys.path = [project_home] + sys.path

sys.stdout = sys.stderr os.chdir(project_home)

serve web2py via WSGI handler

from gluon.main import wsgibase as application

See this. You may have to look at the web2py tickets that it generates instead of using the debugger.