Can I run two Django projects from one PythonAnywhere username?

Question is entirely in the subject... Thanks, Robert

Not right now, though it's on our list. The best workaround I can think of right now is to register two usernames (you can use the same email address) and then use Dropbox to share any code the two sites they have in common.

I've upvoted the ticket for "multiple web apps" on your behalf.

No problems, and thanks for the quick response

+1 multiple web apps please

Thanks pyhead. I have upvoted the ticket for you.

I think that the support for hosting more than one applicarion is an important feature.

We agree! It's actually one of the things we're working on right now. As always, no promises about when it'll go live (we think it's easy, but things that we think will be easy have a nasty habit of turning out to be really really hard) but rest assured, we're working on it -- and proper hosting for static files -- as we speak.

Mmmm...static files...I must admit that makes me feel like dancing...☺

While that probably sounds like sarcasm, rest assured, it is sincere!

@sergiodl: First post...welcome aboard the PA train.

@a2j I think we'll be in a pretty celebratory mood here too, once they're done! All of that nginx stuff was groundwork for this, so it'll be nice to have it finally pay off...

How do I register 2 user names as suggested above? Do I have to sign up for a free account or sign up for a paid account and use the same email address. I don't want to get charged twice.

You can use the same email address for different accounts. So just sign up for another free account with the same email address.