Xbox360 IE Support

This is obviously geared toward the PA devs, but I think it would be nice to be able to use PA on the Xbox's version of IE. It supports HTML5, and I don't think it supports Flash or Java. Since PA works on the iPad, I was assuming it was in HTML5 or something, but I guess I'm mistaking since it doesn't work on the Xbox, right?

Thanks! -J

As far as I know it's all JavaScript, so it should work. Perhaps the XBox IE's JavaScript implementation is disallowing something PA's code relies on.

Could you define "doesn't work" a bit more precisely? What exact behaviour are you seeing?

Hmmm... I think one of the PA devs is going to be jumping up and down, and offering to solve this one. So long as he gets to take the Xbox360 home after it's been solved :-)

Yup, I can see that happening... Anyway, @leisergeist -- as Cartroo says, it would be useful to know what the problem is with it on the Xbox 360. PythonAnywhere is pure HTML5/JavaScript on the client side, so if the 360 supports that then it should all just work...

Just to check, does the PA console code connect to any non-standard ports or use anything other than SSL/TLS? Also, it's not something daft such as IE only supporting SSLv3 where PA is requiring TLS 1.0 or something?

I'm not sure if the XBox IE is a standard build, but it would be helpful to know what version it is - you can find that out from the "about" page, if there is one.

The console shows, but stays on "Starting encrypted connection to on port 443" the entire time. Sounds to me like there's some kind of firewall blocking the connection? I would expect it to support multiple versions of SSL and TLS... But then again it seems to be meant for mundane browsing like Google searches and Facebook. Otherwise it would have USB mouse support :)

@Cartoo, it seems Microsoft has very limited technical documentation on the browser, just stuff meant to show young end users how to use it. I'll keep looking. And I don't remember an About menu, but I'll check when I get home from work (On a lunch break currently).

@Cartroo -- nope, everything's pretty standard. We do use WebSockets if they're there, but if they're not we fail down through a sequence of less-responsive protocols, at least one of which should be supported.

@leisergeist -- just in case you happen to spot some kind of debug console in the browser (I know, it's not very likely...) then anything that happens to appear in there would be interesting too.

We need to get this resolved so we don't become known as PythonAlmostAnywhere...☺

Hm, that gives me an idea - themed PA portals, like which has a high-contrast colour scheme for knocking out Python code on holiday, or with Siri integration. (^_^) for when coding while your spouse sleeps.

note the time of my post...☺