Verification email in web2py

In my web2py app if the app is deployed on local host its is able to send verification email. But on python anywhere it tells the user unable to send email. How ever python anywhere is able to send email for forgot password to registered users. here are my settings in :

## configure email
mail = auth.settings.mailer
mail.settings.server = ''
mail.settings.sender = ''
mail.settings.login = 'username:password'

## configure auth policy
auth.settings.registration_requires_verification = True
auth.settings.registration_requires_approval = False
auth.settings.reset_password_requires_verification = True

any ideas

I'm not sure whether only specific ports are available on or whether access is unblocked - that's something the PA devs would need to answer. However, that wouldn't explain why emails are sent successfully in some cases but not others, since presumably they're all using the same settings?

Do you have anything in your website error logs which might be helpful?

It looks like something went screwy with our setup that allows free users to connect to gmail. We have fixed it for now and we'll plan on making it more robust in future. It should work for you now after you've reloaded your webapp.