Shared with my Python User's Group

First off, I shared PythonAnywhere with my local user's group, and it seemed to get good feedback.

One suggestion, since we're working on some stuff in a shared console session. It would be lovely to be able to share a console session "read only" with certain people. I love that I can share a console, and don't need to require people to login to use it (ran across that without knowing it, very pleasantly surprised). I would like the ability to continue to do that, and be able to specify if I want to give them the ability to control the console, or just be able to view it. Is that possible?

Hi Dragonfyre,

First off, thanks heaps for sharing PA!

Funnily enough, we started working on a read only console. It looked like it would take a significant amount of development time so we looked through our feature requests and didn't see anyone actually asking for it. We started working on it because it seemed like one of those logical things that we should have without really seeing if anyone was actually asking for it.

So yes! It's definitely possible. We just have to allocate a block of time and see how to implement it. I'll add your vote to the ticket.


Was there any progress on this? If not, add my vote as well :)

So many good ideas so little time. I'm surprised I missed this one before.

Cool. Some more votes for the ticket.