How to make super simple web app

I have never made a web app before, and I want to see what it takes to just put up a picture or something. I have no idea what to do though!


For the simplest way to start, I would recommend you create a Flask web application. If you look here ( you can see some instructions. You will need to remember the following three things:

  1. Go to the 'web' tab of the dashboard and setup a new Flask app.
  2. After you do anything to the files of your project, you will need to click 'reload web app'
  3. Remember: you don't type "python" or whatever, you simply go to

Flask is an excellent choice for a simple web app that has code running on the server side.

But if all you want is a static web site with no server-side logic, you can actually set it up using static files:

  • Go to the "Web" tab.
  • Create a new web app.
  • In the tab for your new web app, go to the "Static files" table and add a line with an empty URL and a directory like /home/3uc1id /static
  • Now, add the files you want to serve as your web app to the directory static inside your home directory.

Once you've done that, your files will be served without the need for you to write any Python code.

this is !%*?

Why do you say that?

nice but i still can't create a webapp :-((

Can you tell us what you did to try to create the webapp, and what errors you are encountering now?