Codehilite Link...

The Codehilite link at the bottom of all Forum Edit boxes needs an update.

The old link is:

The redirect is to:

Actually, you may prefer a link directly to the documentation...

Link to the Docs is:

Good catch!

I try and be a good community member...☺

I was about to post that!

I tried to make the :::python syntax hightlight work and failed.

So I figured "time to read the manual".

Only its not there!

One little trick that's also worth remembering which doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere in the docs is that you can explicitly disable highlighting for a block that's otherwise being recognised as another language by using :::text:


def initely_not_python(honest):
    pass # it on

Funny, I've used :::text several times. I just assumed it was common knowledge, but you are most likely right that it isn't.

Hmm, it looks like we should link directly to the Codehilite part of the Python Markdown docs:

I'll patch that in now.

Yeah, I guess my link wasn't the right one, but looks like you found the right one!!

@giles...WOW, you are about to hit 600 posts!!!!! I guess the days of me having posted more than anyone on the PA staff are over...☺

And this is my 601st post :-)