Sitemap.xml in a Django based website

I just generated a sitemap.xml file for my website - I uploaded the file under my primary folder - beancatworks. However, if you try to go to, I get an error that I do not have a url set up.

What is the best way to do this so that search engines find the sitemap?

Thanks, dc

The 404 is because you don't have a handler for .xml files. If you want the file accessible w/o a handler you need to host it as a static file.

Yup, I think a2j is absolutely correct. You'll need to set up a static folder.

In Django this is a bit more involved than just a static folder, but thanks for the responses.

Here is a link to a site that has easy to follow instructions, especially for a blog. In this case, the sitemap.xml is updated every time you add an article and mark it published.

I find the Django docs for version 1.3.x confusing. Maybe just me. Maybe someone at PythonAnywhere could do a right up for the Help section based on Mr. Lewis' blog? Could be helpful for us Django-ists.

Thanks again for the responses. dc