PyCon 2013 ... Anyone here!

Anybody from the PythonAnywhere team going to PyCon 2013. Let us know so I can shake your hand, and say thank you in person for building such a wonderful place online.

Hey, thanks!

Harry is there -- here's a link to his Twitter page so that you have at least a vague chance of recognising him :-)

Thanks ... and yeah ... about that picture :)

Heh. It could be worse, you should see his Facebook pic ;-) Thinking about it, we should probably have some kind of photos of the team on the site.

@rayleyva: Welcome to PA!

If I wish I was there,,,does that count?

Of course, specially if you wish hard enough to take the time to watch the streaming videos of the talks ;)

I watched many of PyCon 2012! Most of it (as archive) through pyvideo. Perhaps I'll stream some live now that you have outed me...☺

Okay, streaming now in another window...also on IRC channel of the live feed.