500 er... 501

I was planning to make a topic of 500 for the 500th forum topic, but I missed it by 1...Oh, well. We really should have some kind of celebration for the accomplishment though shouldn't we?

I mean the accomplishment of the forum reaching 500 topics that is...Not the accomplishment that I noticed it...☺

We have a couple of pork pies and some scotch eggs in the office. I could post one to you? Fair warning. I did just buy them from Tesco... so... may not even be pork.

Dude!! I love scotch eggs. My brother forced me to try them when I visited him last year & much to my surprise they were as awesome as he said they'd be!!

I know I never should have doubted it, but you gotta admit the idea sounds strange the first time you hear of them...☺

To be honest, that's my biggest problem with Agile methodologies - pigs are supposed to be committed, but I can only ever think of them as tasty. The rest of Agile makes a surprising amount of sense, but that's a tough one to get over.

I think I've just confirmed...we truly have lost our minds!!

Sorry, I probably should have linked here to somewhat mitigate that impression.

Cool, so that's a yes for the horse egg then.

@Cartroo -- wince