All consoles grouped inside one browser tab

I want all my opened files to be shown inside tabs, because I do not want to open multiple browser tabs to just write some code in Python, which is one activity that has to consume one browser tab. I am using Google Chrome by the way. So I want all Console tabs inside one browser tab. So actually I want tabs inside tabs.

We thought of putting tabs in the tabs and decided against it because we believe that the native browser tabs are likely to be much better supported. One trick that we use in here at PythonAnywhere-central is to have a browser window just for PythonAnywhere stuff. That way, the PythonAnywhere tabs don't get in the way of the other stuff we're reading.

If you use Google Chrome you might find Tabs Outliner can help you manage your tabs such that using a lot of tabs at once becomes a breeze.

What about the idea of adding a keyboard shortcut to PA to allow quick tab switching? I.E. something to replace the <CTRL> + <TAB> that is lost when in the Python console.

Hhmm. Interesting idea, @a2j. To be honest I hadn't noticed that ctrl-tab was stolen in consoles. Actually, it's only in Firefox that this is true, Chrome (my browser of choice for PythonAnywhere consoles) switches happily. Some investigation suggests that a ctrl-tab in Firefox is being read as a plain tab by the console, which may be a bug that we can fix or it may be a specific decision made by the Firefox devs that we won't be able to work around. I'll do some more investigation.

Sweet. I look forward to hearing more...☺

EDIT: Then again, it could be a good reason for someone to upgrade to a paid account. Then they can have as many ssh sessions as they want.

Solved. I'll just use Chrome tabs, I understand. Thanks for Tabs Outliner, works great for me.

Sweet!! We LOVE solved problems!!

'ray! Thanks for the assist, @Cartroo and @a2j, Internets all round.

@glenn: I still look forward to the results of your investigation.

Where is the run keyboard shortcut?

Do you mean in the editor? I think ctrl+r works...