Wondering if anyone out there has used the sendgrid-python library:

with any success. It makes email sending elegant and I'd like to use it here.

@ heuristocrat: Not I. First I've heard of it.

I've never found anything that email and smtplib didn't make fairly simple. Sounds like that sendgrid is targetted at people who send a lot of UBE rather than email status alerts or similar, but that's not to say it can't be used for other purposes, of course.

Well I did what you are supposed to do and amazingly it all worked just fine. You need to import the sendgrid library and then it's easy-peasy. It all worked fine although I'm getting a 405 error. The email gets sent so not sure what's causing the error yet.

And yes I'm not planning on using it to send spam! In fact a lot of what I am trying to do is parse email content, do some magic, and then send out some results to people.

Sure, my intention was neither to imply that's what you were planning, nor that it was the only use for the site - I just think that mass marketing email is probably their core target market. Doesn't mean other people can't use the service, of course.

Also, I deliberately didn't use the term "spam" (although I now realise the Wikipedia link redirected there) because mass marketing emails are a very grey area and people's opinions differ greatly. It seems to me the site must have some controls to stop rampant abuse, or they'd end up on everyone's block list and would lose most of their customers. They obviously have some awareness of this.