This is a very cool feature. I love everything about it...well almost everything. Have you considered offering py3k this way in addition to the 2.7.x that is available now?

Is their any documentation available for these consoles?

Not really -- it's meant to be plug and play. But if you ask questions here then we can start putting together some :-)

  1. Is there an ability to get anything outside of a default IPython 0.13.2?
    • Bash
    • Python x.x
    • PyPy
  2. Suppose you had been working with one and realize you want to save it. Is there any provision to convert an embedded console to one belonging to an account?
  3. How about an option to share live on the site from an embedded console?
  4. How about the option to embedded a shared console from our account?
  5. Can we instruct the embedded console to start with anything but the default start-up? I.E. running a file or set of commands. Perhaps importing some modules?
  6. Can an embedded console point to a gist?
  7. What if you need to reset the console when you move the user to another page on the same domain?
  8. What if you want to embedded multiple consoles that maintain separate state in order to illustrate a point?

You guys are awesome!! Thanks as always...☺

I hate to bump, but I don't want this to get lost either...☺

Thanks for bumping! Somehow they didn't get onto the list, they're there now.

This thread is from May 2013. Any news on being able to embed python version 3.x? As opposed to the existing 2.7?

Would love that capability to help showcase the 'awesome' that is pythonanywhere...

Yes, we do support python 3 embeds, since Oct. 2013 -- sorry, we need to do a better job of advertising this feature. I'll start on a wiki page..

Here's a start:

Got some more questions, I know this thread is old but it seems like the best place to ask:

  • Does the embeddable console support the original Python (e.g. without IPython)?
  • Does it support Bash consoles?
  • Can I embed my Bash consoles, if I cannot create an anonymous one (which makes sense)?

Thank you awesome people!

You can embed python but not bash.