So, what's your favourite PythonAnywhere story?

Have you used it for anything cool? Something you'd like to brag about?

I'll kick off by pointing at Harry's amazing test-driven Django tutorial.

Well, there was the time PythonAnywhere(TM) saved my grandmother's life...

We were all just sitting down for thanksgiving dinner, when my elderly but much beloved grandmother began choking on a piece of spiced ham. We all panicked, but then I remembered I'd started an IPython 3.2 (with scipy, numpy and matplotlib) console session on my work PC. Because PythonAnywhere(TM) allows you to resume your work from any browser, on any PC, I was able to load up the very same console on my second cousin's laptop, and resume right where I left off. And this helped, in some non-specific way that I can't get into right now, and as a direct result, my grandmother was saved!

I was also able to use the "Scheduled Tasks" feature, which was also able to help the situation, in a suspiciously contrived-sounding but actually entirely-essential way.

djanko tutorial.