Is it possible to use SSH to connect to Pythonanywhere?

Today when I started a Bash console using Chrome browser, the cursor keep blinking without displaying any prompt.

I want to edit a small Django project and test it on pythonanywhere. Is it possible to use SSH to login pythonanywhere to edit my files?

Sorry about that -- it looks like our server had a few problems last night, all fixed now.

We're looking at ways to provide ssh access; it looks doable, but might take a little while to implement. It is actually possible (if your own machine has a public IP and can be ssh'ed to from our server) to set up a reverse tunnel to PythonAnywhere that you can use, but of course this wouldn't have helped you much last night, as you'd have needed to be able to log in to set up the tunnel.

+1 for this request please !

I've added another upvote to the ticket. Glenn did a bit of investigation the other day, and it looks like there's a nice solution for this that would make it possible to ssh into your existing PythonAnywhere session -- that is, ones you'd started from the website -- as well as new ones. I can't promise anything about timelines yet, but it's definitely looking very doable and it's near the top of our to-do list. Anyone else reading this who wants ssh, please do let us know that you do and it might make the top of the list :-)


That would fix so many iPad access problems. I know the iPad console is a valiant try, but the iPad ssh clients are very nice. No need to reinvent that stuff.

So, yeah, another upvote for ssh please...


+1 please add this, I am using MacOSX Tiger + Safari (a bit old), Safari will crash if i access this site.

SSH should shift at top top of the list :)



While I of course am hoping for an SSH solution, I'd like to make a suggestion. I assume you're on a PPC box (else, use Chrome...). Two pretty decent browsers for OSX PPC are:

Camino ( <-- based on Firefox engine

TenFourFox ( <-- also based on Firefox, optimized for PPC

When I'm working on one of my old PPC boxes, one or the other of these is frequently useful when Safari is giving me grief.

Worth a try, anyway.

And yeah, +1 for SSH! I agree.

+1 -- my vote for SSH -- latency will be dramatically reduced.

thx for the vote rsvp. I should set expectations though - I don't think latency will be that dramatically reduced. If you're not near our datacentres, keystrokes still have to make the return trip across the interwebs...

It should improve things like key repeat though, and maybe cut & paste, so it's definitely worth doing, and it is on our short-term horizon of things to do...


noted, thx.

+1 for SSH

Noted. THis is a very popular feature!

oh, and on a side note about encrypted connections... I think login should use SSL, i.e. https -- hopefully, console sessions also.

That's coming very soon. It's currently in our continuous integration loop, so look out for it some time next week.

Really nice that http connections switched over to secure https -- very reassuring, thanks to all you PAW guys. (And rather than a python's head, the new favicon could be seen as a paw of some sort :-)

Aww, thanks very much.

A paw? If I think about it, I think that it looks more like a hoof. But then we would have to rename the site... too much work.

Personally I think it looks like a Gray alien poking his head up :-)

Gonna throw in my +1 here, sounds like it's already been noted that it's getting done, but the key repeat stuff was annoying me again... so.

Also, this means I can use pythonanywhere more effectively on my tablet, better terminal emulator is great, and means I can have a full shell to SSH into PAW.

I have added your vote to the ticket. Not that it needed it, we're actively working on it right now.

+1 for SSH!

Right, that's it! I've subscribed :) Thank you.

Thanks! Hopefully we'll have SSH for you shortly :-)

ssh -R 19999:localhost:22 yourname@yourpubserver.ip

you could make a reverse connection, but i could not login with the password or publickey to my shell, even having the in authorized_keys file.

Yup, reverse connections will totally work. I've made them myself. But that relies on you having your own sshd somewhere. Anyway, it is a much requested feature and we've knocked it around a bit in the labs so fingers crossed it will be available soon...

+1 for ssh

noted! We should be starting work on it this week...

+1 ssh

ssh is what I need.

We're just putting the finishing touches to SSH and hope to make it available next week.

Marked on my calendar. I check this forum almost daily looking for news of this.

My iPad is also counting the days. :-)

Thanks for putting in some effort on this.

We're using it in our dogfood environment today... looking good so far!

SSH is not for free plan though :) maybe available in trust tester? should be fine.

Almost there Greg :-)

I got my iPad ready to go. :-)

What are the best ssh iPad apps? ;)

looking good, how to get certificate auth working though?

re: ssh on iPad, I use Prompt and SSH Term Pro. They both seem to work fine. I don't really have a preference -- sometime I think Prompt's keyboard and interfeace are cleaner, but truthfully SSH Term Pro seems to work just fine, too. SSH Term Pro also gets the nod for a little extra screen space, where Prompt keeps a couple of buttons in a control bar at the top of the screen.

At the moment on my systems, SSH Term Pro is black letters on white; Prompt is the opposite, but this is probably settable somewhere.

Both work fine with curses programs -- e.g. vi, less, etc.

I have both of them on my iPhone as well -- no complaints.

Hope this helps!

By the way, if you haven't already done it, an iPad running Prompt and a Bluetooth keyboard makes an acceptable (and silent) development workstation.

Combine that with multitouch gesture to switch to Safari and refresh the screen, and you're in the web development business anywhere you happen to be...

@barnsey -- we're working on that.

@greg -- thanks!

thanks @greg! what about Textastic Code Editor, Diet Coda or iSSH?

I tried the free apps and Rove Mobile Admin seems like the best with extended keyboard.

tablets are definitely the most comfortable, versatile development interface! coding in bed, while walking, ... :) love it.

@giles -- you're welcome. I'm planning to use PAW for an upcoming project and I'm really happy with what I'm seeing.

@pyhead -- I've used Textastic for ages and it's astonishingly good. As an editor for Dropbox content (e.g. content synced with PAW) it's excellent. I have been using it for a while to write Javascript content which can then be previewed natively on the iPad from within the editor -- making it a great tool for offline coding. I've coded lots of html5/canvas toys that way.

I've played with iSSH -- it's kind of a connectivity Swiss army knife with ssh, xterm, vnc, rdp, etc. I only use ssh and rdp. I don't think it's the best RDP client, but it gets high marks as an SSH client. I may start using an xterm soon, so I may look at it again. I also don't care for its simulated mouse/arrow/thing, but that's just me. Also, I like Prompt's extended keyboard. Personal taste.

Haven't looked at Diet Coda -- I'll have to check that out.

No matter what the client, now that ssh is enabled then using any reasonable dropbox editor + ssh + safari , then you're right -- you have a great development environment. I even code on my iPhone once in a while.

Don't know about "while walking", though -- good to look where you're going. :-)

Again -- thanks for getting this working!

the shell is missing tmux, screen

That's on our to-do list; screen looks like it would be pretty hard to get in, but we've got tmux working experimentally; I'll upvote it.

Hi everybody! Thank you for your service! I'd like to ask some question, that arised after last ssh session with suddenly lost connection:) What about screen/tmux? Will it be possible to use them in future? (now i can't) Thank you!

Sorry to hear that! When did the ssh session disconnect? It can happen when we deploy new versions, but it's been at least ten days since the last time that should have happened.

We're planning to add tmux, or at least the ability to join consoles via ssh that you started from the web interface -- I'll add a vote to that on our to-do list.

Ohh, +1 for tmux from me please. :)

Another tmux vote (haven't actually tried it but if it's like screen I already know I'll like it)