Port 8001 is blocked, now what?


I mainly planned on using this site to modify my python scripts at school, sadly the firewall here is pretty strict, only allowing the most basic ports and only via proxy. Is there a way to have my terminals use a port I define, or an alternate port (80?) set by PythonAnywhere devs?

Thanks in advance!

Signed, Dimitri "Tyrope" Molenaars

Hi Dimitri,

Actually there is good news. A fix is in the works for your problem. In the very near future all traffic will be going over port 80. And by near future I mean that we are going to be deploying it this afternoon. It's a problem for lots of people behind any kind of firewall.

So, should be sorted in a few hours.



Hello all, just to let you know that all traffic is now going over port 80. So it should work for MOST firewalls. Unfortunately not for Dimitri... sorry dude.

Is it working for anyone else behind a firewall?