My script stopped without any reason

Hello. I need a help. Why my script stopped without any reason? I had 5% used – 5.16s of 100s, 1% full – 7.3 MB, but it anyway stopped.. Some times it works 2 days non stop and then stopped, and some time it works 2 hours and then stop.. I need to understand..maybe i need to restart it by my self, but when? or some other factor affecting the stop Help pls

It looks like you run your script in a console -- our consoles are ephemeral by design. If you need a long running job, you should use scheduled task or always-on task features.

Thank you. I did it and got this text in task log.

''Permission denied 2024-02-12 10:01:03 -- Completed task, took 50.74 seconds, return code was 126.''

Is this correct?

What is the command that you've scheduled? It should be a bash command so (for example) if your script is /home/AlexHalc/something/ and you want to run it with Python 3.10, you should schedule the command

python3.10 /home/AlexHalc/something/

Thank you. Done. This is log. is it ok?

/bin/bash: line 1: 24 Killed python /bin/ 'python3.10 /home/AlexHalc/lifecell_bot2'

Did it say how long it had run for? Scheduled tasks in free accounts can only run for about two hours.

Yes, its take 2 hours. So, this log says that my scheduled task for running my script is correct?

If you want something to run 24/7, then you'll need a paid account -- then you can use an always-on task.

Thank you. I did it and got this text in task log.

Glad to hear that you made it work!