File Keeps Re-Downloading

Hi all, I have a zipped file in my directories (~1.2 GB) as a backup. When I try to download it using Chrome or Edge, it keeps re-downloading (once it reaches 1 GB it resets downloading). I tried FireFox, same issue but instead of resetting, it failed when reached 1 GB. I tried a different PC with a different Internet connection, but same problem. Any ideas how to resolve this issue? Thank You.

Break the file into smaller pieces. If you cannot download something in 5 minutes, the request will be terminated. See

Thanks. I'll try that, though I am sure the download time is less than 5 minutes (it's actually around 2 or 3 mins slowest).

Did it work?

I tried it but I have issues combining the files later (I am not a Linux expert sorry). Alternatively, I split during the zipping itself (i.e. zip -r -s 900m .) which works fine as I can combine the files later using 7zip in Windows with no issues. So yes it works, thank you.

Glad to hear you worked that out!