smtp sending limit with Django & godaddy domain

I'm running a Django app hosted by pythonanywhere. My domain and email are from godaddy. I'm sending email using from my django app. I just hit a 25 recipient in 24 hour limit. Godaddy support says it is a host limitation i.e. they are pointing the finger at pythonanywhere. I'm skeptical. This is the error I get

smtplib.SMTPSenderRefused: (550, b'User has exceeded its 24-hour sending limit. Messages to 25 recipients out of 25 allowed have been sent. Relay quota will reset in 11.41 hours.', 'My Lake Powell Admin')

Is the problem that you havent sent 25 emails in the last 24 hours?

No the problem is that it will not let me send more than 25 emails in any day. While godaddy tried to blame whoever is hosting my site (pythonanywhere) I honestly think it is them at this point. It happens when my EMAIL_HOST is set to but seems fine if it is set to I slightly prefer the former because it can let me set a different from email address, but I'll live.

We are not limiting that.