feedparser's wont load data from sources ?

why connection refused?

d = feedparser.parse('') print d {'feed': {}, 'bozo': 1, 'bozo_exception': URLError(error(111, 'Connection refused'),), 'entries': []}

I'm not sure. Since you have a paying account, you have unrestricted internet, so it's not our proxy... What happens if you try and get it via another tool, eg

import requests
print requests.get('').text

It's possible that they have a block on all amazon ec2 addresses...

it's ok for now: (previous few days entries len was 0) 2012-11-14 checking sources entries len: 40 source: N0: totalDataLen: 40 entries len: 20 source: N1: totalDataLen: 60 entries len: 76 source: N2: totalDataLen: 136 entries len: 53 source: N3: totalDataLen: 189 entries len: 15 source: N4: totalDataLen: 204 entries len: 15 source: N5: totalDataLen: 219

Thanks for confirming. How is the script running? That is, is it in a web application, a console, or a scheduled task?

For reference, I believe feedparser uses urllib2 under the hood (it also imports urllib, but I think that's just for some other definitions).