Delegate my name server

I'm tried to delegate my name server(, but requires me to at least 2 name server.How can i find second name server?

I'm by no means an expert in DNS but the recommended way of redirecting your domain is to create a subdomain (e.g. www) as a CNAME to your site at PAW (e.g. - I'm not sure delegating a domain will work because it would presumably require the PAW nameservers to respond to requests for your domain instead of your PAW subdomain? I'm sure one of the staff will jump in if I'm wrong in my understanding.

Assuming that's the case, you shouldn't need to provide nameservers for a CNAME record because it's effectively just a redirect. See this post for more information about DNS setups.

Anyway, if you're trying to do something I haven't grasped then, in case it's useful, PAW seems to have three authoritative nameservers:

@saurus -- Cartroo's right, you shouldn't change your name server. Instead, you should set up your existing name server so that it has a CNAME for your domain that points to Which domain name registrar do you use? I might be able to point you at the appropriate part of their documentation.

I use

OK, it looks like you need to do something like this (I've adapted it from their FAQ about using Google Apps):

  1. Click on Your Registered Domains under the ‘Domains’ section
  2. Select the desired domain to change or click the cog icon under ‘Setup DNS’ to the right of the domain name.
  3. Select Setup/Edit DNS Zone Records
  4. Enter your desired host, for example, If you would like enter ‘www’ into the ‘Host’ field.
  5. From the ‘Type’ dropdown menu select CNAME, Then under ‘Content’ enter ‘’
  6. Press Add to add this record.

It may take a little while for the changes to take effect -- probably no more than an hour, but it depends on onlydomains.

Thank you.It work :)

No problem, thanks for confirming it worked!

Is there a way to only use nameservers? The domain registrar I have now at the moment only allows nameservers and does not support CNAME options (

Have you seen this page?

A quote:

If you use a service like Google Apps for Domains, then you may need to create a Cname record in DNS to point something like: CNAME

To do this, you would submit a support ticket requesting a Cname record. You would not create a subdomain in Cpanel (which creates the A record). Cname records and A records cannot coexist in this manner.

As an aside, any provider which offers domain hosting should always allow at least A and CNAME records - they're both really basic features of DNS. I can imagine some providers not supporting fancier stuff like TXT records and SPF records, but ideally a provider will give you more or less raw access to your zone file (possibly via a fancy GUI if they prefer). If they want to hide this in an "advanced" mode with caveats that it's at your own risk, that's fine.

Thanks for the link! I'll give this a shot. I asked them before about CNAME and they said that they did not support it, which blew my mind away. After seeing this, I think the person who helped me before didn't know that they offered this option.


Update: Looks like will not allow CNAME records. They said that since I do not have a hosting plan with them, they will not provide the capability.

I've added a +1 on our to-do list item for us to provide a DNS server.

@ebressert: So you're hosting your domain with them but because you're not renting any server space they won't let you create CNAME records? That's pretty poor, in my opinion. I would suggest moving to a DNS host which is more fully-featured - I use GoDaddy because I'm lazy and they're cheap, but there's a whole host (ahaha) of providers out there who'll do what you want. Switching providers is pretty straightforward unless the old provider decides to be deliberately obstructive (e.g. by leaving themselves set as the domain owners instead of the true registrant, which is a trick that disreputable providers have pulled in the past).

That's a great point, Cartroo -- we use Joker (and I use them for my personal stuff too). They're also good and not expensive.