This Secure Is Not Private

I have setup a custom domain and having issues. When I hit the site it is giving me the "This Secure Is Not Private" message. I have followed the guide located there: Her his what I have set. What am I missing?

  1. On my Web admin page on pythonanywere I updated the Configuration for to my domain name.

  2. I setup up the Auto-renewing Let's Encrypt certificate.

  3. I turned on HTTPS.

  4. On my domain host (blue host) I went to the CNAME option and entered Host Record to "www". I set the "Points To" option to webapp address that is on my Web admin page. TTL is set to 4 Hours.

What is happening?

I have also reloaded the site a few times on the Wed admin option as well.

The domain is

I have done the dig command in bash and it is listing the correct name that matches on the Web admin page.

Your cert looks fine in my browser. How do you access your web app?