Uninsatlling a module

Hi fam, I've been having a bit of an issue, why can't I uninstall a module? I go to my --user folder, I open a new bash console and then:

$cd $pip uninstall yfinance It won't matter if I use pip3.6 or pip2.7, I always get: "WARNING: Skipping yfinance as it's not installed"

I have a file in --user folder named "" tho and the code is really simple:

import yfinance as yf"AAPL","2021-01-01","2021-01-31") print(df)

Like, Give me a break! If the yfinance module isn't installed, Why it won't raise the error in my code? Like, Is it installed? And if so, how can I uninstall it for good?

Please help a brother out :c

My guess would be that you're not running your code in either Python 3.6 or Python 2.7. If you uninstall it from the version of Python that you're actually running, then it will be uninstalled.

OMG!!! and how can i now which version i run?

Man you´re really an Angel!!!! it was installed in 3.8, now my code run like a swiss clock!!! thank you so much!!!

Glad to hear that you made it!