How can I redirect from to

I am always grateful for your help.

I'm trying to register my site with google adsense.

I got my domain with iwantmyname.

I registered my site url, "," on google adsense.

However, the display will be "".

The correct url for my site is "".

It seems that google is also looking for that url, "".

But it is not redirected .google send message " can't reach your site"

How can I redirect to

many thanks.

that's something you could do on your dns registrar level. eg: godaddy, namecheap etc. there would be some way for you to do a redirect. if your dns registrar doesn't have that feature, you can also put a free CDN in front of it (eg: cloudflare), which definitely has page rules doing redirections etc

Thank you for your reply I try to send same question to iwantmyname.

Sure, we've got a general help page for that, maybe it will be useful as well:

Thanks for your response I solved this problem by setting my dns record for redirect fowarding global ip. many thanks

Glad to hear that!

May I know what setting you have made in dns record

Which approach are you looking to take?