Django Password Reset looking for email field

I am using Django Password Reset for recovering password feature. It works as expected in Local Server. I have a customer User Model which does not have Email field. Username field contains Email Address. When I try to reset my password /recover/ link. The lable says "Username or Email" however, my local copy which is in sync with this version has "Username" only. When I submit, an email is triggered from my local server, however I get an error which looks like the code is lookign for "email" field in User Model. Why is the same code behaving differently. I am stuck in this issue for couple of days now. FieldError at /recover/

Cannot resolve keyword 'email' into field. Choices are: auth_token, auth_token_set, cart, change_pw, country_code, created_by, date_joined, full_name, groups, id, is_active, is_staff, is_superuser, last_login, logentry, password, phone_number, phone_number_verified, progress, question, question_reviewd_by, quiz, sitting, student_group, subcategory, two_factor_auth, user_permissions, user_school, user_type, username, userquiz, usersubscription

Any help why this code is not working as expected ?

Please ignore this issue

Make sure that you're running the same version of Django locally and on PythonAnywhere.