Want python 3.9 for my virtualenv

How can i enable python 3.9 for my virtual env?

is there a way to install it locally?

We don't support Python 3.9 yet -- it will be installed in our next system image, which we hope to deploy by the end of the year.

[edit] Just to add to that -- there's no way to install it just for your account, no.

Are there any updates regarding python3.9 support?

We currently have a new system image in the works! So hopefully soon :)

How do I deploy my website then because I used python 3.9.1 and flask 1.1.2 and werkzeug 1.0.1 to build it. Does that mean I need to wait till the end of the year to deploy my web app?

It has to wait a few weeks unless you can run it with python 3.8.

@wrtnspknbrkn Perhaps you've already realized this, but the "end of the year" statement was made in October 2020. So a little behind what they hoped, but not too far off. I'm currently developing in Python 3.9 so looking forward to that new image. :)

It took longer than we expected, as the system image upgrade has more features than just a python upgrade.

Is the server for python version 3.9 not up yet? Is there anyway that allow me to host my python 3.9 flask web?

Python 3.9 is not available on PythonAnywhere yet.

haha yeah. I noticed that the post was made in 2020. I initially saw 2021.

Thank you! I'm expectant of the release!

Sure, we're working on it :)