Unfortunately, the Hacker account was not enough for my requirements

I had to upgrade from free to Hacker account because I needed the extra space to serve the web app I was trying to make. However, it seems that 1GB was not enough, and I might need up to 2GB disk space. But... 12 dollars is a bit out of my budget and I was thinking of just getting a 5 dollar DigitalOcean VPS and setting up the server there with 25GB of space.

If possible, can I please get a refund and then return to the free account? I paid yesterday, but unfortunately, it was not the one I was looking for.

Sure. Downgrade your account, and then send an email to requesting a refund and we'll process it for you.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience! I will try doing that. Thanks for the reply!

I see that one of my colleagues has sent the refund.

BTW if you need more than 1GiB disk, you don't need to upgrade your account all the way up to a Web Dev account. Adding an extra GiB to a Hacker account costs $0.25/month extra. Just click on the "Customize your account" button.