Bad Request (400) even when I have configured the CNAME

Dear all, I have a basic hacker plan with pythonanywhere and have my domain registered in namecheap. I am trying to link my domain name with my app and I get Bad Request (400) upon configuring the CNAME record which is the setup pythonanywhere suggests.

Am I missing somthing?

The following are the steps I have done:

  1. In my "web" tab I have edited the app name as
  2. Have added a CNAME record in NameCheap control panel under my registered domain. Type: CNAME-Record Host: www Value: (where xxxxx is my app number given by pa) TTL: automatic

I had only the CNAME record setup. Is there anything else I should do it?

I found no DNS setup errors in my "web" as well.

Any hints would be helpful.

You are probably using Django and you have probably not configured your ALLOWED_HOSTS setting correctly:

Oops.. Thats my bad... I had to add instead of just That was my mistake. Got it now..Thanks!

Glad we could help :-)