Default MySQL username truncated...

giles mentioned in this question that the default MySQL username is truncated to 16 characters. You probably already thought of this, but when I read this it made me think...Ut 'oh, what if there are two users named xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxb? That is 17 characters long, but the first 16 are identical. I was tempted to create two accounts in order to test this question, but since I took PA offline yesterday with something I did, I figured I'd just make sure you thought of this situation...☺

Don't worry a2j, the outage wasn't your fault! The quota thing was a bug on our side and it wasn't the cause of the issue, it was just something that made it take 2 minutes longer to recover.

Re: usernames -- when you register, we allow 30-character usernames, but if someone already has one that has the same first 16 characters we ask for a different name saying "sorry, that username is already taken".

See how good you guys are!!