Headless Chrome Selenium

Hi , I want to use Selenium with Headless Chrome on your server with my account . Can you please enable the access to use it ?

Sure! That's done now. Any new consoles you start will use the new system, scheduled tasks will pick it up the next time they run, and websites/always-on tasks the next time they're restarted.

You'll need to upgrade Selenium to the most recent version for the version of Python that you're using, eg. "pip install --upgrade selenium" if you're using a virtualenv, or "pip3.7 install --user --upgrade selenium" to upgrade it for Python 3.7 if you're not).

Once that's done, this sample code might be useful:

            chrome_options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
            browser = webdriver.Chrome(options=chrome_options)

                return "Page title was '{}'".format(browser.title)


URGENT Question

can i use chrome driver (headless) for all my scrapping on this platform as i use on my local computer

See my reply to your other post.

Please, enable selenium for my account..

It is already enabled by default for all accounts.