Two web pages on Pythonanywhere domain

Hi, I have just upgraded my plan to multiple apps, as i want to hold two different web apps. Do I have to also buy domains somewhere, if I do not want to have 'custom' names, just have the apps as subdomains on my domain (like: and If no, how to do this?

Paying customers can create domains like <somestring>-<username>

Could you please advise step-by-step how can I do it? (I am paying customer.)

  1. Create a web app
  2. When you're asked for a name enter one of the form <somestring>-<username> into the custom domain name text field.

OMG, it actually works. It is not clear, though. I tried to create subdomain and was receiving error: "The only address you can register is", which gave me no clue it was ok just to change dot into dash. Please note it may be useful to clarify this for greenhorns like me. :)

Yes, absolutely! The UI for supporting these multiple subdomains is a bit of a mess, and we know we need to sort it out :-)