Upgrade to Python 3.8 (bash)

Hello how I can upgrade to Python 3.8? thanks

Your account already has Python 3.8 in Bash. Just use it: python3.8

@glenn Pardon me for hi-jacking this thread a little... but I only see options for up to python 3.5 available in the buttons on my dashboard. When I type python3 from the bash console, I get python 3.4.3... and when I type python3.8 at the command line, I get this:

20:42 ~ $ python3.8
bash: python3.8: command not found
20:42 ~ $

Is there something wrong with my account? Or do I just have a very old ('classic') system image? How do I get that updated?

@memilanuk Yes, you are on old image.

We can upgrade it for you but one word of warning first -- because changing the system image upgrades a lot of the pre-installed Python packages, any code that you have that relies on those packages might break if it's not compatible with the new versions. Also, because the new image has newer versions of Python, if you have any virtualenvs, you may need to rebuild them. If you're happy to go ahead despite that, just let us know and we'll switch you over.

Ah. Good to know.

I recently started mucking about with my account again... been dormant for a long while... went thru and cleaned out all the extraneous 'cruft' from before, basically wiped the home directory and started fresh. So nothing to lose or mess up. I'll be in touch.

I see you are in email contact with support.