Tesseract and Pytesseract

Hello, I'm trying to use pytesseract in my web app. I know this is not the place for Tesseract specific questions, but I think this is just an issue with pythonanywhere using an older version of Google Tesseract OCR??

pytesseract.pytesseract.TSVNotSupported: TSV output not supported. Tesseract >= 3.05 required

Is there a possibility of updating the Tesseract version?

Thanks for your time!

Sure, you can try to update it by following this

@conrad, Thanks for the response. I am a newb, just trying to understand all this so I may be just confused.... But as I understand it, pytesseract is a python module, it is a wrapper for Google's Tesseract-OCR Engine?

"pytesseract" is working fine, it's the Tesseract Engine that I would like to update.

I had quite a time trying to get it installed and working correctly on my Mac...

We can update the versions of native libraries like Tesseract, but at the moment, that would happen in a few months.

hi, please if possible, install tesserocr along with updating tesseract as well. since tesserocr is a native extension, it will be executed faster than pytesseract

Thank you Glenn, that would be awesome. I'm a long way to getting this project all figured out, but at some point if I can get it all to work, I will be upgrading my account to put this thing into action!

I would also like an updated version of Tesseract for the same purpose. Thanks.

Thanks, noted!

It is already passed a few months. When are you planning to upgrade tesseract? Thank you!

No, it isn't.

Thank you for the answer. So do you know about when you can update tesseract?

It is almost certainly going to be updated in our next system image, but we don't have a hard date for that yet.

is tesseract updated?

Not yet