accessing nethack

Warning: cannot write scoreboard file /var/games/nethack/record

Hit return to continue: Access to /etc/nethack/nethackrc.console denied (2).

and so on...

Nethack's not going to work. It makes assumptions about the file system that are not true on PA. I'm not even sure how it got there.

Pity. Still, it's a nice easter egg, isn't it? :)

I wonder what simple roguelike could actually work...

Hey, you've got Python, Python has curses, how hard can it be to write one? (^_^)

I went through a phase of wanting to write one, some time ago. That was shortly before I went through my phase of wanting to write some IF, especially since Inform 7 was released. At current rates, I probably won't have time to do either for about... Ooh, 18 years or so?

Well we are looking at installing pycurses for some educational users right now. So yeah. We could.