cssselect gone from lxml

It looks like on of my scripts has started to crash with this error:

ImportError: cssselect seems not to be installed. See

With a little digging around, I found out that cssselect has been moved out of the new version of lxml (3.0alpha, which is now in the "included batteries") to a standalone module ( I know I can just install it myself, but I am guessing that others rely on that functionality as well.

So, I'd like to request that the cssselect module be included with the other batteries.

Thanks in advance.

Hi catweazle,

We can absolutely add it to our standard packages. It will be included in the next deploy. In the mean time, as you know, you'll have to use the pip install --user cssselect option to.


Thanks hansel.

I did the install into my folder. No problem, of course.

This was actually my very first package install since starting to use PA. In other words, I love your selection of included packages. Sometimes I find myself browsing through the list, just to find out about some of those goodies.