Scheduled downtime

Hello! I want to inquire whether a downtime has been scheduled in the next 48 hours. I have a critical project demonstration in 24 hours and if there is on scheduled, I'll move to my local machine. Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

We do not have any downtime scheduled. If you let us know the exact time we can try to keep an eye out for you/your webapp as well.


Hi Conrad! Thanks for the offer. My project demo is between 3 a.m. UTC and 8 a.m. UTC. Depends on when the examiner turns up. Thanks a bunch!

Jun 7?


We definitely don't have any scheduled downtime around then. We're on UTC+1 so I can't promise that anyone will be awake and watching the servers at the time of your demo, but we do have an alerting system that will wake someone up if there's a system outage. So hopefully everything will be fine. Good luck with the demo!

Thanks a bunch :D

Hope it went well :-)

It was awesome! Once it was over we also had a lively debate on possibly commercializing the project. The other teams around were asking us why we were smiling so much and talking so excitedly :D

Appreciate all the help :)

Excellent! Glad it went well :-) And, you're welcome!