Several of my folders disappeared and account went through a time warp

In the last 9 hours several of my folders have disappeared or at least stopped showing up to me via the web interface and a bash console to my home on PythonAnywhere? I did an 'ls -lah' last night just before hibernating my other computer, but when I tried to work this morning on my other computer, it is like me PythonAnywhere account is in a time warp. I don't see any of my recent activity. And my webapp has reverted to a month old version? The only thing I see recent is an oddly list hidden file in in my home:

drwxrwxr-x 3 0 0 4.0K Aug 14 12:44 ..

Thanks for any help, Wayne

Sorry about that, we had a snafu on the last deply. It's fixed now, so if there are still any files missing (there shouldn't be), we'll restore from the backup. Just let us know.

No problem. Everything looks fine now.

This will teach me to check the Twitter feed more when things act strange.