font-face works in localhost, but not in PAW

First off sorry for my English, and if this question is not in "how-to-deploy-a-website" please just delete it.

I'm using mezzanine with a modified free theme in a app called 'flat' and the project is integrated with github. The thing is every time I pull, i need to run collectstatic, is this true? because somehow it keeps using css files from the static folder in the project folder, not from the app folder. I also did put the flat app in the first line of the INSTALLED_APPS, tried to delete the CACHE folder, and reloading my web after a pull.

Another problem I'm having, my font face url is url('../fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot'); .......#other formats it works locally, but not in PAW. I reuploaded the font files to both the app's static folder and the project static's folder to make sure it wasn't corrupted, but it still doesn't works.

note that I'm now using google's url for my font-face in my html to avoid the problem above, but it seems the font properties in css doesnt work anymore if I use google url's fonts.

Any help is very appreciated, and again if this question does not belong in PAW feel free to delete it. Thanks

The collectstatic thing depends entirely on where you're serving your static files from and how you're serving them. In the general case (serving static files from a single directory through a static files entry on your web app), you'll need to run collectstatic any time the static files for any of the Django apps change.

The most likely cause of the fonts not working is that you're not loading some resource. Have a look in your browsers developer tools and look for 404s in the network tab.

thanks for the answer.

Actually I didnt know what django-compressor actually does. So I remove django-compressor from my INSTALLED_APPS before I can figure out how to ignore relative url path getting compressed into absolute path. Maybe if someone kind enough to give me the steps I would be very appreciated, I try to read the docs later though.

And also is there any noticeable difference between not using compressor and using it in terms of access time?