Web app being deleted


I have an app on my account that I am using to store recorded gps routes sent from my phone, but I have noticed that my app has been deleted, the static and template folders are left as are the files I have already uploaded. Could someone explain to me why this could be happening ?

Is this your app at I see that there's one there, but it looks like you created it quite recently, perhaps when you noticed that the old one was gone.

If so, that's very strange indeed -- we only delete web apps when people cancel their paid accounts, and even then we leave the one.

Is there any chance someone else has access to your account?

Yeah it's at, I had to recreate it an hour ago because it said my account had no Web apps active, I had been using it all day to upload files. No one else has access but I will change my password just in case.

OK, I've checked our logs. All access to your web app has been from the same IP, so I think it's probably not someone else using your account (unless you were away from your machine and someone else used it). I can see a number of "reload" requests for the app between around 9:20am and 10:33am, then a request to delete it at 16:10. You then re-created it at 16:29. All of the requests came from what looks like the same browser, and definitely the same IP.

The only way I'm aware of that that delete request could be made is by someone clicking the "Delete" button at the top of the "Web" tab, but presumably you would have remembered doing that... There's a warning dialog, anyway, so I'm sure if you had clicked it you wouldn't have been surprised when the app disappeared.

Conceivably your browser could have made the delete request without you knowing about it... do you have some kind of plugin that "pre-fetches" URLs it finds on a page just in case you might follow them later?

No I don't have anything like that, I have a Cordova Android app that records gps movements to a file on the phone, I am then uploading that file up to python anywhere. I'm pretty sure I wasnt even using the python anywhere side of the project when it was deleted. This a final year college project and I have loads of tabs and pages open so maybe I somehow deleted it by mistake but I'd doubt it. Thanks for replying anyway, I have everything backed up so its no big deal to re create the web app.

OK. We'll keep an eye out for any further strange activity.


Its been deleted again, and have not touched it since around 9.30pm lastnight, its saying I have no active web apps, my main python files are still there but my web app is gone offline.

I see a hit on the delete URL for your web app at 09:11 this morning. It's the first hit to the site this morning. It has the same IP and user agent as the requests that follow it. My suspicion is this: One of your tabs is actually (somehow - it shouldn't happen in normal usage) open to the the delete url for your web app. So when you wake up your machine and your browser refreshes, it deletes your web app.

What do you mean one of the tabs is open to my delete url ?

I mean that there is a tab with the delete url as it's location.

I cant see anything like that in my code, I wasn't even online at 9.10am this morning.

I should have mentioned that the time is in UTC, so you'd need to convert from your timezone.