confused on how to install xampp

Hi, I am trying to follow this tutorial to set up a xampp server for GCM: and they already give some demo python code, but the 'import xmpp' statement does not work by default. When I try to install 'xmpp' using pip from the console, this does not seem to be working either. Does anybody know how I can install xampp? The framework I am using is flask if that makes a difference. Thanks, -Alper

Hi Alper,

I'm not sure if XMPP is going to work -- we don't support raw TCP socket connections or websockets. But then again, from reading wikipedia, it does look like there's a pure-HTTP alternative, so it might work.

Check out this guide to installing new modules: My suggestion would be to use a virtualenv for your web app, and install flask and xmpp into that...

Could you be referring to this xmpp module btw?