Server Error (500)

I have successfully hosted a Django application which has 5 pages. First 2 are working fine, but the third page is giving an error - Server Error (500). The only reason I can figure out for this is that the third page makes call to other websites to get images. So I upgraded to Hacker account which allows your application to make https requests. But unfortunately that hasn't resolved the issue. This is the first time I'm using something like this. Please help.

What does your error log say?

The error log has no msg relevant to this

Did you reload your web app after upgrading?

Hey, I could get it working, The problem was with the db query which could not fetch nay results. Thanks anyway.

it says template does not exists but path is correct

Hi there -- this thread is quite old, and is probably discussing a different issue. Could you give a few more details about where your template is, and how you have the template path configured?

Hii there, My account was in tarpit so I upgraded the account but then also on visiting the site I am getting the server error(500)

Look in your error and server logs to find tracebacks and error messages that you can use to start debugging.

workers have been inactive for more than 93600 seconds . This is displayed in error log What can I do next to resolve it??

That would just be a message saying that the site was going to sleep because there had not been any hits in the last 26 hours. I think the error you need to look at is the one in the error log; that file has been rotated, so it's currently empty, but you can see the old one here (that link will only work for you). The most recent error will be a the bottom of the file.

273 / 5000 Hello everyone, my page tries to send a form with django here in this pythoneverywhere server but I am getting Server Error (500), I don't know how I can solve it ... I already set the Debug settings to false and I only get this: Server Error (500).

@dukleenteam What errors do you see in your logs? (link to logs are available on the "Web" page on PythonAnywhere).

i face the same issue in my site help me to resolve.

What errors do you see in your logs? There's a link on the "Web" page, and the most recent error will be at the bottom of the file.

hello ...i have done all the necessary actions to load my little portfolio on pythonanywhere and i am getting this "Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application."

please help....anyone???

Look in your error log for tracebacks that you can use to start debugging that.

Hi, i having 500 internal server error problem whenever i try to upload a video into the static folder using flask. How can this be resolved, please assist.

If you go to the "Web" page inside PythonAnywhere and click on the link to the error log, you'll see full tracebacks for every error that triggered a "500 internal server error" response. The most recent error will be at the bottom of the file.

i'm continuously getting 500 error while trying to apply date filter although it works will on local Anyways, i tried to find out something in error logs as mentioned above but there wasn't anything which could assist me (blank page) i even wrote border exception to see what exactly causes issue but still no success Please help..!!

What errors do you see in your logs? (link to logs are available on the "Web" page on PythonAnywhere).

No errors there in : var/log/

If there is no error traceback in your error logs, then the most likely cause of the 500 error is that it is being returned by the view that you are trying to access. You can add logging to your code to see what is happening and try to debug it (prints to stderr will appear in your error log)

i tried to add print statements inside view but still there isn't anything in error logs

can you guys please check whats going on there so that i could fix it later..?

From your server logs, it looks like you have done something that breaks our logging. We have seen this happen with Django where someone calls "django.setup()" in their web app and that breaks our ability to log because it closes the streams that we need to log. If you are using Django check for calls to django.setup. If you are not, check that you do not have any logging config that overwrites the root logger.

I am getting server error(500) while deployment.. how to fix it?

Is it when you try to set up your web app, are rather when you try to access it? Do you see any errors in your web app's error log (the most recent ones are at the bottom)?

Hi, i try to deploy my web site and recieve the Server Error (500), and in the last line of the error log, says " raise ValueError("Missing staticfiles manifest entry for '%s'" % clean_name)"... what can i do..?

Could you provide the full error stack trace?

streams.js:134 POST 500 (Internal Server Error) createMember @ streams.js:134 joinAndDisplayLocalStream @ streams.js:27

in localsystem it is working properly

That's the stack trace coming from JavaScript, but what we'd need to help you debug is the server-side stack trace -- you'll find that in the site's error log, which is linked from the "Web" page inside PythonAnywhere; the most recent error will be at the bottom of the file.

Okay ppl, so first off we need to get the stack trace from the error log in the web tab. And second off you can print the STDerr which will print to the error log and help you debug your app by using the print statements and printing to STDerr. Also make sure you are not overriding any logging features such django.setup() etc. this is what I gathered from reading every post in this topic.

Thanks for adding