Can I use elasticserch in my application?

I've to find a host for the startup in which I work and its the only doubt that remains....

Unfortunately not. You could look for a third-party provider to integrate with from here, or alternatively there are python-only search solutions like whoosh, but we currently don't support elascticsearch natively.

I'll add a +1 in our tracker...

Any updates on the status of elasticsearch? I'm thinking of using it along with wagtail.

No. We're still working on the infrastructure changes that would be necessary to support it. You could try using the Amazon ElasticSearch service if you really need it now.

Another vote for supporting Elasticsearch for use with Wagtail from me. In the meantime, if I'm going to use the AWS service, which AWS region does PA use? All other things being equal, I'd go for us-west-2, but not if it's going to slow things down significantly.

I've upvoted the ElasticSearch ticket. Our AWS region is us-east-1 -- I'd expect there's pretty decent bandwidth from there to us-west-2, though it might be worth running a test to check it works well.

Any updates on elasticsearch?

No changes, no. I've added another upvote.

@giles - please one more upvote from my side for elastic search.


Please one more upvote, elasticsearch would be great !

Thanks! Upvoted.

Another upvote for Elastisearch, please


Any progress on this? A upvote from here as well.

No progress on ElasticSearch, but we will add an upvote for you. Thanks for the post!

Upvote for ElasticSearch from me, too, please!

another upvote from me =)

Both noted :-)

Upvote for ElasticSearch from me, please!

Noted again :-)

I'd like to upvote as well, please.

Upvote as well

Another +1 for elastic saerch please


With Miguel Grinberg's Flask Mega-Tutorial using Elasticsearch in Chapter 16 I would imagine there would be quite a few people who would really like this, me included - so can I please have a +1 and maybe a timeframe? Cheers, Steve

We can certainly add a +1 (I just did :-) but we don't have a timeframe right now.

Great, thanks... so how does the +1 work, and how would I convince you to create a timeframe? Chocolate? Beer? : )

Cheers, Steve

Beer always welcome :-) The way we schedule new features and upgrades is based on a combination of factors, but a big one is simply how many people have asked for it; we keep track of that in our bug-tracking system and things that are frequently-requested are prioritised. Of course, that's not the only factor (for example, something that 20 people have asked for that would take one day to do will get prioritised above something that 21 people have asked for that would take six months) but it is an important one.

The problem with elasticsearch is that it's a multi-month thing (basically it would require a change to the way our virtualization system works), so that counts against it. On the other hand, the change in question would also fix a number of other frequently-requested issues, so that counts in its favour -- essentially, the +1s for all of those other features get added together when we're trying to work out whether it's something we should be working on.

Sorry I can't give anything more solid in terms of timelines, but I hope that at least that gives some visibility into how we're scheduling work!

Very helpful, thanks Giles, I'll just keep an eye out here and wait patiently while using my own kludgy horrible basic search that works sometimes (or maybe I'll fix it :) - and if you're ever in New Zealand head down to Christchurch and the beer is on me. Cheers, Steve

Hello +1 for elastic search (and kibana) please (I am learning how to use it on localport right now)