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Hi there,

I have been working simultaneously (actually learning) three web frameworks at the same time: Grok, Django and web2py. Out of these three (in strictly my personal opinion), Grok is much more easier and comes naturally (except its initial installation part). The same goes with web2py, which offers everything in a single built. My question is: where do these frameworks stand in future in terms of their market scope? More specifically, what will be the demand of each web framework in the future? Getting an answer to this question is important for a learner like me, so that I can focus on that individual framework on the long-term basis.

Django by far is the most popular framework out of the three you mentioned. In terms of future job prospects Django is the way to go. I personally like web2py because it is extremely simple and straightforward but at the same time packed with features.

For me, the cool thing about Python web frameworks is that it's pretty easy to switch between them. If you're learning 3 at the same time and you pay attention to the patterns that recur and the differences there are between them, you'll be able to pick up other ones with very little effort. I would suggest adding Flask as a framework that does very little for you so it's great for learning the underlying patterns.

Nothing to add, but wanted to say I liked this thread. Thank-you to those who participated. I've been away for about 5 days, so it was nice to return to some good reading on our PA forum...☺

There are so many frameworks now it's hard to even decide what to use. web2py has a stable API with guaranteed backwards compatibility forever, so what you learn will stay relevant indefinitely. Which framework allows you to complete projects fastest? If you're considering doing contract projects, that would mean more completed per month. As long as the framework is in python, it can't be too bad :)

I think if the question is about what web framework will help you find a job then it's Django. It is at least an order of magnitude more popular. I think it's pretty hard to speculate on what will be most popular in the future. Probably still Django. With flask used for quick APIs