Want to import twython module and deploy the script for the same!


I want to run a python script where I want to make use of twython thereby connect to twitter api to fetch hashtag related tweets. But when I pip install twython, I got an error saying "could not create twython - permission denied"

May I know what should I do, so that I can make use of the module and thereby run my script.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there -- did you use the --user flag when trying to install it? That is, a command like this:

pip2.7 install --user twython

If not, then give that a go -- it should work. If not, could you give a bit more of the exact error message you got?

Hey thank you for the reply. But I solved it by myself :)

And I solved it via same command you asked me to type.

Awesome, thanks for letting us know!