Grok Project

This is GROK project not GROP (sorry for the mistake). [edit by admin: I've fixed the title for you]

How to add a grokproject into my domain? I have a virtual python environment running but I am not able to install the grok project. any help?

Hi saifuddin778 -- it looks like grok needs to have a GCC compiler to install properly, which means that we'll have to add it for you. We're updating the set of installed-by-default packages today, so I'll make sure grok gets in -- which means it should be there by early next week if not sooner.

I grok this groking conversation about grok...☺

I had to grep it before I groked it...

Sorry also to saifuddin778, we couldn't do a deploy of the new version today so we won't have GROK till next week.

No worries hansel....we are just looking forward for the button 'New Grok App' under the Web tab ASA(it is)P! :-) super excited

OK, so Grok is now installed! We don't have the built-in "New Grok App" wizard yet, but you can create apps using it and configure the web hosting using the "Other Web Frameworks" button.

Thank you very much..I really appreciate your concern and help..thnk you:-). However, I don't really know how to setup a new grokproject using wsgi..any help or hint can be really helpful. I was doing it on localhost where I installed grok and was starting server with bin paster commands and creating apps under it.

Hi there,

WSGI works like this: our server looks for a file of yours called /var/www/ This is a normal python module, which must define a variable called application which runs your server.

Most web frameworks will help you create a WSGI file, and grok is no exception. It looks like they use some kind of automated buildout tool to do this though:

If you follow those instructions, it should create a wsgi file for you, inside your grok project folder, in a subfolder called wsgi_app.

You then have two choices - you can either delete the default wsgi file in /var/www/ and replace with a symlink to your grok wsgi file - do this from a Bash shell


you can edit the file in /var/www/ and make it import application from the grok wsgi file... so, you'd go to the "other web frameworks" button, click to edit your wsgi file, and add some lines a bit like this to the bottom:

grok_project_folder = '/home/saifuddin778/grok'
if grok_project_folder not in sys.path:
from mygrokproject.wsgi_app.wsgi import application