__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'namedtuple_as_object'

how to correct the mistake init () got an unexpected keyword argument 'namedtuple_as_obest

That sounds like a bug in your code rather than a problem we can solve...

One possibility is a typo? did you mean namedtuple_as_object or namedtuple_as_obest? You're written one of each, and the latter looks wrong...

code works for me on my computer. Typo ??? what

L.append (f) Visit the link and all will see

Could it be to do with Django versions? What Django version are you using on your own PC? We support 1.3 by default for Python 2, 1.6 for Python 3.3. Check out the instructions about using a virtualenv is you need something different....

thank you, all turned

Is it all working now?