Need advice about adding how to add a second web app

I am new to web development, but my experience with my first app here has been excellent. I have a second app nearly ready for hosting on PA. My questions:

  1. I assume my first move should be to customize or upgrade my account so that it will include a second app?
  2. Seeing as my current CPU-seconds (<2 sec) or storage (4%) are nowhere near the limits, can I also assume I should simply add a second app to my Hacker account for an additional $2 USD per month, rather than upgrade to a Web Dev account?
  3. My second app has a small mySQL database while my first app had no db. Am I right in thinking that won't make a big difference in demands for storage or web-workers (not really clear what those are)?
  4. Once I have customized/upgraded there are several tasks I know how to do or have done before. I am just not sure in what order they should be done: a) Clone my app from its bitbucket repository; b) Set up a mySQL db on PA (I found the PA help page for that); c) Create a custom domain for my new app and adjust Namecheap DNS settings to point to my app on PA.

Please give me some advice on the best order to do those or if order doesn't matter. Can my second app exist without a custom name even though my first app has a custom name. If so, what would be its URL?



  1. & 2. You should choose "Custom" on the "Account" page and just add one webapp to your plan, it's +$2/month.

  2. You could start just with basic 2 web workers and adjust later according to needs.

  3. It looks like a good plan.

Your second app can use standard <username> if you want.

Thanks @fjl