How to reinitialize my account ?!

Hi everyone,

I did something wrong, i delete every files included by default. Could someone send me them back : - .profile - . vrmc etc...

Or tell me How can reinit my account? thx

I'll put them back for you.

Ok. I've re-initialised your home directory. You should have all the default files now.

thanks !

by the way, don't you think that developing a button with this functionnality could be usefull ?! As the site will grow there will be more and more people doing the same miskate.

thx again !

Maybe. We're a small team, so we're very lazy about implementing stuff that we might need. We'd much rather work on stuff that we know we need and that improves PythonAnywhere for a large number of our users.

I guess my former suggestion of a nuke button for all running processes is low on the list too. I understand, but it really does sound like a fun button to have doesn't it?...:P

It's not THAT low on the list :-)

@hansel No worries. I'm not a hater. I know you guys have a long list of things definitely worthy of getting done. But the same issue we all have. There are only 86,400 seconds in a day. We have to prioritize what we do with them. I also realize that if you keep working on other issues PA could get to a point where we would have no need for a <NUKE ALL> button, so in reality, while it could be handy now, in the long run it shouldn't be even wanted.

Actually it was more a hint that it's really not that low on the list...

Even better...:)

I think the nuke account reintialization would be useful too

I just deleted my stuff too; can someone put the default files back for me!? Thanks!

Sure! That's done.

Cheers giles!

No problem :-)

Hi, i blocked my admin pass. i guess i'll need a reinit. Is it confortable for someone to do it for me also? Thanks

Is this for web2py? There's a quick way to reset the admin password without resetting the account. Check out this help page.

Hi, it didn't work :( i used also: $ python command and i get this error

23:26 ~/web2py $ python web2py Web Framework Created by Massimo Di Pierro, Copyright 2007-2016 Version 2.14.6-stable+timestamp.2016. Database drivers available: psycopg2, pymysql, imaplib, MySQLdb, sqlite3, pg8000, pyodbc, pymongo, mysqlconne ctor choose a password: please visit: use "kill -SIGTERM 16430" to shutdown the web2py server ERROR:Rocket.Errors.Port8000:Socket in use by other process and it won't share. WARNING:Rocket.Errors.Port8000:Listener started when not ready.

What happened when you ran the command described in the link?

I assume the error message you are showing is for the second command you ran (not the linked one)

hi, The console output my "new pass" after the command you suggested me and i press Enter But on my site page: "" i get this message: admin disabled because no admin password

Did you enter a new password when you were prompted for one, before you pressed enter?

I did something wrong, i delete every files included by default. Could someone send me them back

Hi there,

I see that your account has been restored. Are you okay now?

pff.. command should be put as it is Giles Thanks! I'm in! ;)

Hi I emailed y'all but posting here for visibility.. Can you please reinitialize my account as well?

Hi there -- we can't reset your account per se, but we can delete it (which would wipe all of your files and data) and then you can create a new one with the same name. I'll reply to your email so that we can talk about that outside the forums.

Can someone reinitialize my account please

Can someone reinitialize my account please

edit- sorry for the double post my computer played some weird stuff right there

I have resolved the problem without the need of reinitialization for the time being